What is meant by inplant training?

Inplant training helps students to gain knowledge in both theoretical and practical apart from their syllabus.
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We offer inplant training in Chennai for ece in the domain Embedded System, and Internet of Things (IoT).
Assembly of components arranged in such a way to accept the input and produces an output. In the Latin word, ‘system’ means the whole concept made of several parts.
Embedded Systems means performing single or multiple tasks based on rules. Embedded System is a combination of Hardware, Software, and Operating System. Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) is used as an intermediate to manage both hardware and software components.

Because Embedded System performs a specific task and it has
• Better performance
• Low price
• Better volume
The main hardware components include a processor, controller, timer and memory. The software for a system can be preferred based on the performance and speed of an application. The processor is a combination of core and transistor. The core can be classified as dual-core, quad-core, and octa-core. The transistor is in the nanometer size inside the processor.
Microprocessor and Microcontroller can be of an Embedded System.
A Microprocessor can be named as a chip on-chip on the system. It takes binary data as input, processes it according to instructions and stored it in the memory and produces results. It operates on numbers and symbols. Integration of the whole CPU on a single IC. Before Microprocessor, computers are built with a circuit board with many small and medium Integrated circuits. Intel company has been designed 4004 Microprocessor as a first and the upcoming Microprocessors are 8085, 8086 and ARM (Advanced RISK Microprocessor).
A Microcontroller can be named as a system-on-chip. It is used in Automatically controlled products and services. The Microcontroller includes 8051, PIC (Peripheral Interfacing Controller), Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Arduino Microcontroller is an open-source platform and it is the only licensed controller. Raspberry Pi is used only in the Raspberian Operating system which is the version of Linux.
Embedded Systems can be categorized based on performance and functional requirements and based on memory.
1)Types based on Performance and Functional Requirements:
• Real-time
• Stand alone
• Mobile
• Networked
2)Types based on Memory:
• Small scale
• Medium-scale
• Large scale
• Speed
• Size
• Power
• Reliability
• Accuracy
• Adaptability
• Requirements
• System Specification
• System Architecture
• Components
• System Integration
1) Requirements:
The requirements may be functional or non-functional.
The functional requirements are often not sufficient. The non-functional requirements include performance, costs, physical size, and weight.
2) System Specification:
The System Specification can serve as the contract between the customer and the designer. The specification must be more accurate, so only the designer can work according to customer needs. System Specification is operated to satisfy customer needs.
3) System Architecture:
The System Architecture shows the outlook of the system in the form of a block diagram.
4) Components:
The components include both hardware and software. The hardware components are FPGA, boards and so on. The software components include application software.
5) System Integration:
The components thus built are put together and undergoes for testing to check errors.


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