Upcycled Architecture Ideas

Upcycled Architecture Ideas

Sustainable Architecture is the best and most sought after in the present day Architecture scenario owing to the multiple advantages that tag along with it. We have Top Architects in Bangalore opting for the same and reflecting the same in their numerous designs lately. 


Sustainable Architecture is finding the huge ground required and many homeowners are very welcoming towards the idea of upcycled products for their homes. The rising wave of awareness for protecting natural resources is also providing a backbone for this cause. The proof of which is seen in many on-going and completed projects. 


Here is a well-curated list created just for you to browse through. Read along to find out more about the same and there is no looking back from here!


The Thoughtful Facade


This facade right here is a very thoughtfully created one using old windows. Not getting too clumsy but sticking to the nature of the upcycled theme, the designer has brought together a very interesting design. The rustic feel created adds to the beauty of it brings about a new wave of design implementation. The best part is that all the elements involved in the facade are recycled and very thoughtful. This works best for any home. You can implement this on an existing home also making way for people to stand and stare at the uniqueness of the design. Not to forget, the greens add some depth to it.

Get The Tires Talking


Who would’ve thought that the old tires lying around with dust in your garage can make for great seating? Call up your guy and show him this image right here to create a few for your outdoor seating. This works wonders for a great hangout spot in your porch area. Cushioning may be provided for extra comfort or you may stick to the wired one already existing. There you have, the perfect hangout for your friends and family with some boasting of being a recycled product enthusiast.

The Pretty Junkyard Indoors


Junkyard inspirations are a great go-to for the Interior Designers. They do not turn down any opportunity to create the most beautiful pieces out of the waste. Here’s one such inspired piece. Creating comfortable seating out of the old remains shows the girth of the designer. A few throw pillows on them to bring in more sense of home. Blending it right with all the other elements in the room is something to adore.

Images: Via Pinterest

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