Top 5 themes for a summer wedding

You either love them or you hate them, but for some people it’s not a party without a theme. If that sounds like you, take a look at our top ideas for a memorable summer wedding.


The polar opposite of a polished, fancy wedding, the rustic celebration is all about love, DIY and a haphazard aesthetic. Think upcycled decor, hay bales for seating an evening celebration in a barn strung with fairy lights.


The perfect theme for a laid-back summer wedding, the bohemian vibe is relaxed, beautiful and hopelessly romantic. Think flower crowns for the bridal party, retro campervans instead of wedding cars, and low-key venues strewn with pillows and antique rugs.


Love music festivals? Why not make your wedding into a mini-Glastonbury? Simply hire a field, put up some marquees and pop on some wellies with your formal wear! A live band, cider on tap and plenty of glitter will add to the festive atmosphere, and your guests can save on accommodation costs by slinging up a tent for the night.


Being environmentally-conscious shouldn’t be a trend, but choosing an eco-chic theme for your wedding can be a great way to lead by example. Recyclable tableware, sustainable flowers and solar-powered venues are all a great way to reduce the impact of your event – and you can even go one step further by encouraging your guests to choose second-hand outfits.


Always a popular choice, this theme lets you choose your favourite decade and have a whole lot of fun dressing the part. Whether you want a 1940s dance or a 1970s disco, use classic wedding cars, retro entertainment and beautiful vintage clothing to recreate the weddings of days gone by.

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