The Most Attractive Hairstyles for Men

There are several ways you can improve your appearance. Getting a new hairdo is one. What’s great about this move is that you can see the results immediately. It’s also much more affordable than, say, getting a new wardrobe. Aside from your face, your hair is one of the first things someone sees when they meet you. The way you style it says a lot about you.


Having the right kind of haircut can also boost your confidence, especially when you’re trying to impress someone you like. Let a new style help you turn on the charm. Here are four looks to help you out:

Buzz Cut

You don’t need a hairdresser who attended the best barber school in Hollywood, FL to achieve this straightforward look. A buzz cut is associated with masculinity, strength, and toughness, which most people find appealing. This style is easy to maintain, too. A little styling clay keeps stray hairs under control while a few drops of moisturizing oil will prevent your scalp from getting dry and flakey.

Crew Cut

This no-frills hairstyle can be dressed up with pomade, wax, or clay for workdays or left as is for more casual occasions. Tell your barber to keep some texture on the top of your head while doing a gradual fade on the sides and back.

Side Part

If you want a tried-and-tested classic, go for this polished and professional look, especially if you have thick and wavy tresses. The top part is kept long and styled using scissors to give it plenty of texture. As for the sides, they’re tapered with a slight fade.

Layered Cut

To get this look, your hair is brushed back and shaped only with scissors. No clippers or razors are involved here. The result is a tousled look that’ll give you a slightly edgy vibe. No one will be able to resist running their fingers through your luscious locks!


No matter which hairstyle you choose, it’s important to talk with your hairdresser. Whether they came from the best barber school in Hollywood, FL or not, they can only give you the look you want if you provide clear and specific instructions. Examples are excellent. The most simple and efficient way to do that is by finding a picture reference online and showing them at the beginning of your appointment.

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