Technology as a catalyst in Renewable Energy sector

Renewable Energy sector is ready to become the face of tomorrow and technology is helping to accelerate the transformation. Advanced technological innovations such as efficient batteries, block chain technology and intelligent meters (Internet of things IoT) which can connect intelligent grids and distribution networks will prove to be a solution for problems related to transmission of renewable energy. Energy delivery distributors are forecasting peak consumption and are actively partnering with consumers with the help of combination of cognitive computing and intelligent grids.

  • Blockchain integrates a tracked energy transaction with a financial transaction. It is involved in documenting the transactions and forming a reliable network of energy tracking.
  • Intelligent Meters (IoT) are making it possible for energy consumers and producers to keep a tab on consumption and payments and smart contracts initiate transfer of funds, ensuring accuracy.
  • Smart electric grids can retain 3% or more of overall electric demand without creating a change by identifying whether the system is balanced or optimized.
  • Waveform distortion and waveform deformity are limited and corrected with the help of real-time transmission power flow monitoring and power electronics.
  • Monitoring power quality and pre-detection of fault with the assistance of artificial intelligence monitoring equipment.

Transmission technology in India


India still needs to focus on technology to deliver the growing demand for electricity through its renewable power resources. The average gap between the demand and supply of electricity rests at 14%. Transmission and distribution losses are between 26% and 32% and reduction in the maintenance time and volume is required.

  • Ultra-supercritical and supercritical technology can be used by power transmission companies in India to set up new power plants and can help to raise the efficiency of thermal power plants from 36% to 42%.
  • To reduce the usage of electricity, power plants are being quipped with variable frequency drives while running on half-capacity mode.
  • More power transmission companies with solutions for power sector are required such as Sterlite Power which is a solution provider for high corridor intensity.


Transmission technology Solutions suggested for India


  • Higher voltage level AC transmission (UHVAC): Transmitting power from onshore power plants using overhead lines for large scale, long distance power transmission is a great tool for power grid companies.
  • Optical Ground Wire (OPGW): Enables synergies between efficient power distribution grids and high-speed optical fibre-based SCADA networks works as an advantage for power transmission companies.
  • Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced Cable (ACSR): A stranded conductor commonly used for overhead power lines is a great combination of aluminium and steel, with high capacity and strength.


New technologies, methods and practices to cater different processes and to store electricity will work towards improving flexibility and efficiency of power plants, transmission grids and persistently balancing generation and load to build safe and reliable transmission power systems.

Dhiraj Rao

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