Yoga is a very old form of mental and physical discipline. The origination of yoga in India. There are many health benefits of yoga, as positive energy is provided to the mind as well as the body of the practitioner. Yoga if practiced by people on a regular basis is […]

Yoga is a miraculous activity that is considered as a cure for various lifestyle diseases. It is an ancient Indian science that is used to cure & control deadly diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, etc. Owing to the rapid change in the lifestyle, various diseases have cropped up that are […]

environmental heath has been defined in a 1999 document by the World Health Organization (WHO) friendly and healthy technologies and behaviors. They also have a leading role in developing and suggesting new policy World Environment Day (WED) is celebrated on the 5th of June every year, and is the United […]

As you approach old age, you start realizing you need a home caregiver who can help you with your daily tasks. As age increases, you may find it more and more difficult to perform your routine work as efficiently as you used to. The slowed-down reflexes and an unsteady gait […]

World Environment Day (WED) is celebrated on the 5th of June every year, and is the United Nation’s principal vehicle for encouraging awareness and action for the protection of our environment. First held in 1974, it has been a flagship campaign for raising awareness on emerging from environmental issues to […]

Whenever our movement and flexibility are affected, it is definitely a sign that something is wrong with our physical body. This would certainly lead us to detecting medical conditions, dysfunctions, or disorders that are responsible for such restriction and difficulty in our range of motion. There are several medical care […]

Hatha yoga is a physical yoga that uses physical exercises. A Yogic sage in the 15th century named Yogi Swatmarama is known as the developer and compiler of . It is derived from the origins of Mahayana Buddhism. It starts with the purification of the physical then leads to the […]

  Everybody needs a certain level of fitness to enjoy the fruits of life. To unleash the inner potential and also enjoy what life has to offer, one must be in sync with bodily perfection and mental harmony. It is imperative to say that in the present fast-paced urban life, […]

Each year, seniors are abused, exploited or neglected. In most cases, the abuse is inflicted by the caregiver, which may be a family caregiver or a professional caregiver. In most cases, the abusers take advantage of the vulnerability of these individuals. The vulnerability may be as a result of cognitive […]

One, who studies Yoga, is traveling down the Yogic path, but where is he or she going? What is the truth, and how can Yoga help us find it? Will the eight limbs of Yoga, described by Maharishi Patanjali, reveal the true path? How can inner vision help us as […]