Make it smarter rather keeping it harder- And this is the sentence we keep faith in. We as instructors take care of little brains to avoid messy learning and push hard on the edge of organized along updated absorptions. We cherish this foremost right to getting primary education of every […]

Well, here we will describe why our organization has chosen Montessori but not the regular method of teaching Few factors are… The prepaid environment: Montessori classrooms are prepared in advance based on observations of the student’s� individual needs. They include student-centered lessons and activities. Traditional classrooms are based on teacher-centered […]

September! It brings up feelings of a fresh beginning, new year, brand new outlook. As a child, it felt like a growth mark: you are one year older, 1 grade higher, a few inches taller, a few pounds heavier, and also far more competent. Together with the ancient fall breeze […]