Samsung Galaxy S20 Release Date Leaks

Samsung’s next flagship phone is almost here. The Samsung Galaxy S20 (previously known as the Galaxy S11) will be unveiled at Samsung Unpacked on Tuesday 11th February. As the follow-up to the awesome Galaxy S10, expectations are high.

So what can we expect from the S20? Will it have 5G? A 120Hz screen? A fingerprint scanner built into the display? A headphone jack? How much will it cost? When will it go on sale? How will the Galaxy S20 compare to the iPhone 12?

Questions, questions, questions. Thankfully we can answer some of them thanks to some well-placed sources, and those we can’t we can take an educated guess at, given Samsung’s track record.

Here’s what to expect from the Samsung Galaxy S20.

Samsung Unpacked takes place on 11th February in San Francisco. The action starts at 7 pm GMT/11 AM PT – you can watch live on the Samsung website, or stay tuned to updates from What Hi-Fi?.

Samsung’s Galaxy handsets usually go on sale a few weeks after being announced, but this year it could be a little sooner. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is rumored to be launching at the same event and to go on sale just three days later, on 14th February.

While we don’t think Samsung would launch two high-end phones on the same day (one might steal the other’s thunder), it could hint at a shorter timescale between the announcement and on-sale date.

The smart money is on the S20 going on sale no later than the start of March.

But how much will it cost? That’s the million-dollar question (though hopefully, it won’t cost a million dollars). Samsung hasn’t given any hints, but we can use the S10 pricing as a rough guide.

The S10 starts at £799/$749, while the S10+ starts at £899/$799. The entry-level S10e will set you back £669/$649 for the basic model.

However, those are all 4G prices. For 5G, and with the advanced camera tech that’s expected, we think

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