Reasons You Should Upgrade to Dell EMC PowerEdge Server

Most businesses understand that upgrading your server infrastructure on a regular schedule is important to improve performance and to effectively manage IT efficiency and reliability. Most companies today depend heavily on technology. They can save significant amounts of capital and operating costs annually by having a sound IT plan that schedules regular updates and upgrades. When it’s time to upgrade, there are good reasons to choose Dell PowerEdge servers.

Server Performance Declines Over Time

Server performance diminishes over time. Estimates are that, on average, you should expect to lose as much as14% each year. That can make a significant difference for a company whose bottom line depends on speed and efficiency. By the fifth year of operation, a server typically operates at less than half of its original performance levels. Lower performance and higher failure rates mean unplanned downtime and higher maintenance costs.

When you’re reviewing IT plans and servers there are a number of things to think about:


Security threats represent a risk for all companies. Upgrading servers to machines that automatically update firmware and patches helps keep devices secure and helps you stay in compliance with specifications and regulations.


If you use servers beyond their optimal life span, you’ll probably run into downtime headaches due to aging mechanical components and outdated software. Newer systems offer predictive capabilities that provide warnings of incompatibility issues and alert you to imminent failures. These automatic notifications and proactive support improve reliability. Server reliability is of critical importance in today’s networked world that depends on reliable servers and networks connecting to users.

Advanced Capabilities

Upgraded servers improve capabilities for higher virtual machine density and let you run high-end business applications in a virtual environment. Larger, more powerful systems mean you need fewer machines. That translates to less space, lower licensing costs, less maintenance time, and reduced energy costs.

Service Warranties

Server service contracts typically expire after three to five years. Buying a new server is often more cost effective than extending a service contract.

Asset Management

Growing businesses need management tools that aid workload tracking and enable performance analysis. Manually tracking IT assets on a spreadsheet is time-consuming and allows human errors. Allowing departments to track their own hardware assets is inefficient. Better decisions are made when this is done at the enterprise level. Effective asset management and oversight are two good reasons to adopt a sound enterprise hardware management program.

Refresh with Dell

You have lots of choices. There are many technology companies offering many products and services. So what makes Dell stand out from the rest? Every Dell computer is made to attain high levels of quality and performance. They’ve built their reputation on it.

Dell has been around for many years and has proven its commitment to customers. They work hard to understand what customers want, as well as what they need. Then they work even harder to deliver results and provide support that goes above and beyond expectations.

Dell PowerEdge servers deliver fast, reliable performance. They let you optimize workloads and automate tasks. Whether you choose Dell PowerEdge r610 server, Dell PowerEdge t630 server, Dell PowerEdge r710 server, or Dell PowerEdge r720 server, businesses worldwide rely on Dell to power possibilities.

When it’s time to upgrade, there are good reasons to choose Dell PowerEdge servers.

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