How to recover deleted Gmail account

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Gmail is the free email service provided by Google currently Gmail is used in almost all the countries of the world and used by a large number of people by either Post Office Protocol (pop) or Internet Messages Access Protocol (IMAP) and deleting the Gmail can lead to the lost of all the data present in that Gmail account like emails, photos or documents, which can be vital for us to recover and to get them back from the deleted Gmail account there is a due process of steps that should be adopted to recover the deleted Gmail account.


  • To start this process first you need to visit the official website designated which is using any browser by using any device such as PC, laptop, mobile or tablet.


  • Enter the Gmail address you want to recover after deletion and click the next button which is written in white text in the blue field.


  • Now you will see a new one field online form where you need to provide the password of the Gmail account you want to recover after deletion and again click the next button written in white text in the blue field.


  • Now click continue and you will be taken to a new webpage and now you will be redirected at the account creation stage where you can restore your old Gmail account.


  • Review the information and it is very common that you will see there the old Gmail address, Recovery phone number and recovery email address for the old Gmail account. Now click the submit button.


  • Enter the phone number on which you want to receive the verification code in the form of text message and at last enter, that code in the required field and click continue.


Now you are eligible for signing into your previous account but this whole process should be done after 2 days of deleting the Gmail account because any user can do the Google Account Recovery of the deleted account within 2 business days because after this it

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