Final Fantasy XIV ACT | What Is It | Should You Use It Now

Players who have already got accustomed to Final Fantasy XIV might have heard about ACT and they must have already known how to install it. But what is this program for most players, and can you use it and should you use it? Well, here is everything we know about this Final Fantasy 14 plugin.

Endgame and raid fans of Final Fantasy XIV might aware of what ACT is, but for a lot of other players, that plugin could be a question mark to them.

First of all: What Is ACT In FF14?

ACT is short for Advanced Combat Tracker, and as a matter of fact, it is a third-party program recording the stats of your group during a raid or any content you play. Then this data can be used to analyze a fight and check what mistakes have been made or how could you improve your skills rotation to output more damage for instance. Now a lot of gamers have been using it for a quite long time now be it for just simple DPS check or just publish their logs on various ranking websites

Secondly: Then Should I Be Using ACT In FFXIV?

Since you want to know that, well, let me give you a hard and cold answer, NO!!! Why? Cause Third-party programs are usually forbidden in Final Fantasy XIV.

In a quite recent Developers Live Letter, the team took some time to come back on the very anticipated subject of parsers and some other in-game plugins. Knowing that a quite huge part of the community is using mods or plugins to modify this game, knowing that a quite huge part of the community is using mods or plugins to modify this game, they made quite clear that the usage of this kind of unofficial content was forbidden and would be punished. Although some mods just simply change how your game looks or the model of your character some other changed this in-game experience by displaying invisible AOEs during boss fights or they even produced a sound before a spell would be cast by this boss. What’s worse, this plugin may affect the FFXIV Gil system, and causing a lot of unexpected problems. After this global announcement that third-party programs were not allowed in Final Fantasy XIVm, this team explained why the usage of ACT, in particular, will be punished.

This third-party program is able to see how much damage your team members are doing in real-time (enough or not enough) and that can cause a player using a parser to criticize another player and lead a bad experience for one or both player and the developer Square Enix is then looking to avoid the usage of any DPS meter.

The developer Square Enix also proclaimed that they would never add an official DPS meter of any sort in this game, trying to keep the general atmosphere friendly and starter-friendly.

And our recommendation is you’d better keep your game vanilla and then enjoy the experience without using any third-party programs, even though you want to get massive Final Fantasy XIV Gil, do not try to use any plugin to get that. For a much safer method to buy cheap FFXIV Gil you can find a trusted website to purchase rather than just by using a third-party program instead.

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