Best Places to Visit in Mountain View, CA

Mountain View is located in Santa Clara County, California. It’s a city, which is also famous due to its existence in Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley as most of you might already know that is the hub of Technology.

Mountain Views is also loved by the visitors as it’s in the major cities that have to make up Silicon Valley. 

If you are coming here to Mountain View, you must need to know about the following best places to visit to make your visit worth it.

5 Best Places

  1. Computer History Museum: 

It is a museum that is established in 1996, in Mountain View, California. The museum is solely made to present the overall journey of technology in human life, and how it has changed human nature.

  1. GooglePlex: 

As you are reading this article, this is all become possible just because of google. Googleplex is a building complex of google in Mountain View, California.

  1. Shoreline Park, Mountain View:

The shoreline is a famous park in Mountain View, California. It was built in 1967 to provide a recreational facility to the Population. 

  1. NASA Ames Visitor Center:

It’s the museum in Mountain View, California, which is the best choice for all those who love to know about Space information. It’s located in the same area as NASA research center.

  1. Stevens Creek:

It’s one of the famous creek located in Santa Clara County, California. Stevens Creek combines with different cities and one of them is Mountain View.

How to travel to these places?

While your visit to Mountain View, you might not get to know about the locations as it’s your first time. The only thing you prefer is to hire good transportation in Mountain View who can take you to the following places mention above.

Hiring traditional transportation might not be a good fit for your whole day trip to experience all of these places. But, booking limousine transportation for the whole day would be an affordable and ideal thing to do.

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