Batteries: Making Solar Power More Convenient

Solar energy is convenient until the sun goes away. If it were only similar to water, you’d just need to fill up a bucket with sunshine to power your home at night. But, while it doesn’t work like that, there’s still a way you can store electricity.

In a hybrid or off-grid solar system, excess energy produced by your panels is kept in large, stationary batteries. They’re the “bucket” you can use whenever you need them. Learn more about these components by reading on.

You Can’t Just Add Them to Grid-Tie Systems

Adding storage to a grid-tie system isn’t as simple as hooking up a new component. Since their solar panels aren’t designed to integrate with battery banks, you’ll be essentially converting your equipment to a hybrid or off-grid system. You must purchase additional parts to make your current inverter work.

They Help You Save Money

Batteries are the most expensive part of a solar system, which is why many households chose the grid-tie option. You’re looking at 10 grand minimum for decent storage. But, what people don’t immediately realize is that having a power bank helps you save more. You don’t have to pay the utility company, and depending on which state you’re in, you can get varying amounts of rebates for the energy you produce.

They Can Last Anywhere From 2 to 10 Years

Maybe you’re thinking, “They’re not a cheap investment, so they better last long!” You’re right, but a solar battery can live anywhere from 2 to 10 years, depending on several factors, including quality and maintenance. And, while it typically lasts longer than its warranty, its ability to store energy gradually decreases over time. That being said, it’s crucial to purchase a durable one from a reputable company.


Always Think of Your Energy Needs When Installing Batteries

The most important consideration when purchasing solar batteries is their size because they need to have the capacity to meet your energy needs. An off-grid or hybrid system requires storage that holds 2-3 days’ worth of electricity.


Batteries make solar power more convenient, whether you have off-grid or hybrid solar inverters. Meanwhile, if you own a grid-tie system, it’s never too late to change your equipment. Find a reputable contractor that installs, repairs, and offers free consultations about this technology. They’ll help you store clean and renewable energy.

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