Rise in the pet ownership, demand for animal-related medical products, awareness regarding animal health issues and availability of advanced diagnostic and surgical procedures are some of the key veterinary industry trends that are observed in recent times. Aforementioned, make veterinary healthcare of paramount importance.    Factors Impacting the Market Growth: […]

Considering the current medical device industry trends, the wearable medical device market is expected to become the new industry norm. Last year, Apple’s series 4 of its watch segment was granted the de novo status by FDA as a class 2 medical device. Apple added two new features to its […]

Background of FutureWise Market Research & Consulting FutureWise Research & Consulting is a novel addition to the list of top market research companies, established in September 2018 with the vision of empowering business decision-makers with the market intelligence they require most. Team FutureWise is committed to equipping their partners with […]