The report titled “UK Used Car Market Outlook to 2023 – Market Structure (Organized and Unorganized Market); Type of Used Cars (MPVs / Sedan, Economy / Hatchbacks and SUVs); Kilometers Driven(Less than 5,000 km; 5,000-20,000 km; 20,000-50,000 km; 50,000-80,000 km; 80,000-120,000 km and Above 120,000 km); By Year of Manufacture […]

Second Generation or 2G technology is based on the global system for mobile communication (GSM) technology. 2G technology enables various networks to provide services such as picture messages, text messages, and MMS. In this technology, all text messages are numerally or digitally encrypted owing to which only the intended receiver […]

A rotary hammer drill is a power tool, which perform heavy-duty tasks for instance drilling and chiseling hard materials, commonly known as rotary hammer. It has a piston, which enables the pounding action. It is extensively adopted in numerous sectors such as manufacturing, construction, metal working, decoration, professional or personal […]

99.8% potassium chlorate is a white crystalline or powder high-purity potassium chlorate substance. Its molecular formula is KClO3. It generally occurs as a white color or colorless, water-soluble and crystalline solid. It is a strong oxidant and reacts easily with carbon, phosphorous, sulfur, and organic compounds. It is insoluble in […]