Warehouse inventory management software is a sophisticated tool that manages modern warehouses and helps managers optimize their performance by improving every warehouse process, including picking, packing, sorting, storing, counting, and shipping. Warehouse Management Software (WMS) can be implemented as standalone software, where it is responsible for end-to-end management of a […]

Retail is a notoriously unpredictable industry—even the greatest advancements in technology and social trends are no match for fickle consumer behavior. That doesn’t mean retailers should avoid looking ahead and creating plans for moving forward. Katalyst spoke with experts to get their insights on what might be in store for […]

A supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link. If a product ultimately arrives in poor condition, the consumer doesn’t care where something went wrong—they want to see it fixed. Fortunately, a company that collects proper data can determine problem areas, leading to reduced errors, cost savings, and satisfied customers.  Mistakes Happen  […]

With consumers more attuned to the social and global impact of the brands they choose to support, it has become imperative for companies to actively promote endeavors that showcase a commitment to sustainability and improving the state of the planet. Initial challenges in implementing these strategies will likely reap the […]

Any technology which can bring changes in the user experience is immediately adapted in the ecommerce website development as well as in the industry for selling their products because it qualifies as truly revolutionary tech. Augmented reality is one such absolute technology that can transform digital information into the physical environment for […]

It’s one of the most flourishing industries on the planet, with staggering growth that would make almost any field of business—and even most countries—envious. By next year, experts predict it will generate enough revenue to be the third-largest economy in the world after the United States and China. It’s also […]

Gained popularity as the backbone of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, blockchain has now entered into many realms of business. It is playing a transformational role in reshaping the business models by bringing them in the mainstream of digital commerce.                                                              At its core, blockchain is the modern way of storing information. Talking […]

Cloud computing refers to a new-edge technology where IT capabilities are offered as service commonly known as (SaaS) using internet technologies to a large number of customers. Cloud computing enable companies to conduct business without having to maintain IT infrastructure on premises. Almost spanning every industry, cloud computing is now experiencing a welcome from the ecommerce […]