5 Easy Decorations That Will Transform your Home

Decorations are important to enhance the look and feel of a room. While some people have a natural flair for designs, some need professional help them in designing their house. Unfortunately, hiring an interior designer is expensive and will most likely recommend expensive decor. Even if you don’t consider yourself gifted with creativity there are easy changes you can do to improve the look of your space and make it look elegant.

It’s amazing how simple decorations can make a big impact in your interior design. Read through the 5 easy decorations that will transform your home in an unexpected way.

  1. Floating Shelves. Installing shelves on your wall is a great idea to add appeal to your space. They are simple, attractive, easy to maintain, and functional. Shelves helps your room to look organized and stick out as part of the decor. Floating shelves are easy to install and are available with different fixing options. There are shelves that you can simply glue on the wall, some require a hammer, and some may need a power tool. With the wide variation of floating shelves you can find in the market, you’ll definitely find one to fit with your style.
  2. Gallery Walls. Hanging framed pictures is something I know you are familiar with but instead of the typical straight line hanging, arrange them in an interesting pattern. The popular design is using simple wooden framed pictures in different sizes arranged in square, rectangular, or diamond pattern. To be more unique, include other items on the gallery such as a flag, a mirror, or a large letter. This decoration is personalized allowing you to showcase the things you love.
  3. Indoor Plants. The easiest and most budget friendly way to transform the ambiance of your house is by adding plants. They make the room look bright, lively, and beautiful. You can add a ton of plants to an empty space in a room to improve the ambiance and look refreshing. Use a cart, a table, or hanging shelves to display your plants and use varieties of pots to make it more interesting. Integrate the color of your plant cart and pots to the color of your house to complement each other. Hanging plants are also good addition as they hang in the room looking like a chandelier.
  4. Wall Mural. Walls are the largest part of a room so it’s important to make them attractive. Hanging a collection of things on the wall may only make the space look cluttered. A gallery wall is great but you can’t place it on every wall, similarly with the shelves, as the room may look chaotic. Another way to add style to a wall is by adding some artwork. It doesn’t matter if you lack experience as simple drawings such as leaves or even shapes will look like a masterpiece when painted on the wall. However, if you are not confident to apply the first brush stroke, you can display a large painting or buy a printed wall mural and install it on the wall.
  5. Stylish Appliances. Blending domestic appliances makes the house more stylish and modern. Long gone are the days when appliances are not supposed to stand out. Now you don’t have to hide your white or metallic finished appliances so they don’t clash with the design of the room. Modern appliances allow you to choose a design and color that fits perfectly to the theme of your house.

These 5 easy decorations are popular and are even found in magazines. Try them for yourself and see how they will transform your home.

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Isabella Whitmore

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