4 Makeup Trends You Can Apply All Year Round


Face painting has been a thing since the dawn of time. Makeup makes this art form accessible to the masses. Trends fluctuate from the safe bets of soft and neutral to being loud with bold and strong colors. A cosmetology or makeup school in Orlando, FL can teach you how to be flexible. Continue reading to learn 4 fun styles.


Monochromatic Feel

This is a simple approach that’s about using similar shades and tones. When going for a monochromatic feel, follow the words same but different. Think of neutral glam; for example, dark pink on the lips, a similar shade on the cheeks, and a lighter one on the eyes. Pick one and make sure the 3 mimic each other cohesively.


Glittery Accents

This technique goes with a futuristic trend. It’s the use of sparkly shadows for a glittery accent. Do this by adding the color of your choice to the inner corner of your eyes. This look can be achieved by pros and beginners alike since there’s no perfect way to do it. If you mess up, it’s virtually unnoticeable.


Bold Colors

This may go by the words “play but commit.” Test the waters first by using eyeliner or mascara with bold or loud colors. Abandon the blacks and browns for a moment and go for blues, greens, or yellows. The key to this look is to complement it with similar hues. But remember to keep it basic and let the liner shine on its own.


Natural Glow

This style centers on the “skin first, makeup second” mantra. Try skipping the full-coverage foundation and go for sheer ones. This will give you that fresh-faced, more natural glow. Experts suggest using products that can double as skincare. As an alternative to the traditional ones, you can try using a tinted moisturizer instead.


Every start of a day for your face is like a blank canvas ready to be painted on with new trends and ideas. While you can do whatever you want with your makeup, it’s always nice to have some inspiration. YouTube videos might be a great place to get started on your fashion evolution, but if you’re ready to take your art seriously, go pro by attending classes at a cosmetology or makeup school in Orlando, FL.

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